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Application letter for TEDxReus2013 – Creative process main subject

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original sketch by Robert Lindsay Nathan jr at Mises Institute (

The team want the speakers evolves around the concept Creative Process.

Why the Creative Process as a main subject?

Several authors thinks that creative process is a non-measurable force that guide or leads to people from an tinkling idea to a whole “new thing”. This could include some part of geniality but, for sure, includes also an important part of hard work and discipline (as Pablo Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”).

How do we relate Creative Process and TEDx guidelines?

The “strength” we talked above is not related only to “culture and art” topics is valid to whatever fields we look for: music, painting, dancing, physical sciences, architecture, design… and even comic-books or computer programming. This is the point-in-touch, both concepts serves as a tool for improve the world.